Monday, June 22, 2009

A Time for Tea

I can be a bit of a fussy fusspot. Ok, I admit it, I can be a bit of an

When we first met it took my poor husband many attempts to get the tea "right".

The tea has to be hot. The water has to be just boiled. Not too milky. That will not do. But not too strong either. Oh and the milk has to go in second, it just must. Then there is the order of the teas in the day. I don't know about you but I have certain tea & coffee rules in my day. Coffee in the morning, but never past midday. Tea can be drunk at anytime, but it has to be the right tea for depending on the time. And there I some times when I really need a cup of tea..

This is my tea collection.

The AM teas: English Breakfast Tea and Assam Tea, perfect for breakfast or midmorning.
The Afternoon Teas: Lady Grey (this has just replaced my Earl Grey Tea and is my current favourite!) English Afternoon Tea and Darjeeling.
The Evening Teas: All decaffinated, all a bit tasteless to me, but at least they don't keep me awake all night:-)
The Fruit & Herbal teas: Camomile - for when I need a bit of calm, the Mint collection -usually drunk after a big greedy roast dinner or on a hot day, and the lastly the Mixed Fruity ones, drunk in copious amounts in cold weather.

These are my teapots. If I'm on my own I have my teapot for one, the middle one is for my herbal teas, and of course my lovely EB teapot if I'm brewing up for my family or have company.

Now its time for my mid afternoon tea. Perfect!

Thats better!

Is anyone else as fussy as me about their tea?! Something less bossy and more creative tomorrow I promise!


  1. Fussy about tea, hell yeah! A woman after my own heart. My all time favourite is to have a pot with two breakfast tea bags and one Earl Grey, perfect!

  2. Why didn't I think of that! Mixing them up, how fab idea! I can see a lot of experimenting coming up!
    Sally x

  3. OMG, what a fabulous tea collection. When can I come over for a cuppa?


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