Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I have a dream....

Today was the day of the school fete, and yesterday I was busy beavering away making cakes for the school, and picking flowers to make up some bouquets for our WI stand. By bedtime last night, the cakes had been made and iced.

The flowers had been picked and were resting in our garage ready to be arranged in the morning.
I don't know if 've mentioned this before, lol, but I LOVE GROWING THINGS, flowers and vegetables, things that I can pick and bring into the house for us to eat or to make it look lovely and pretty, is what I really LOVE to do.

I have a small vegetable patch and cutting patch, and over the last four years or so I have been learning myself how to grow vegetables and cut flowers, how to extend my growing season, which varieties to grow, how to condition them and so on. I like to give bunches to friends and family but have never done anything else with it (I haven't had the time for one thing!), its just something that I love to do.

If I'm being honest though, I do have dream of developing it further, but I have been waiting until the children start school, which is now only in a few weeks away. I had been a bit nervous about taking my flowers to the fete as it would be the first time that people would be "buying them", but having just joined our local WI and being asked if I could bring something to the fete it seemed like the perfect thing to bring, and the money raised would go to the school.

Here are some of the flowers. What do you think? The first of this seasons dahlias went into this one.

Some of my favourites Ammi Majus, scabious, black cornflowers, beautiful black poppies, mint and white dianthus.

Other bunches of flowers included my favourite sweet peas, (so fragrant!), salvias, calendula, dianthus and alchemilla mollis.

Finally the flowers were ready to go. Two boxes of them! I have to say I was very proud of them, and I LOVED every minute of doing it, from the growing, to the picking to the arranging them in their lovely coloured cellophane! Really LOVED it!

And here they are on our WI stall.
And yes, they all sold! Very quickly! I was so very pleased, and I received such nice comments from people about them it really made my day, it truly did. I was very, very proud!
My daughter hooking a duck.
So there you go, a really brilliant day and who knows? Maybe I could do something with my flowers, I SOOoooo loved doing it, and it would be so exciting if I could make it work somehow. It has certainly given me food for thought and something to dream about tonight ....


  1. WOW !!! Those bunches of flowers are totally gorgeous, I am not at all surprised that they all sold so quickly. You got such a fabulous variety of blooms there, just amazing. Girl, you sure got green fingers, I am mega envious.

  2. Looks like cakes are featuring on all our blogs at the moment!!!

    Victoria xx

  3. Hi Sally,

    Just wanted to say a big 'thank you' to you for commenting on my first blog. I have had such a warm welcome and it has really made my day, so thank you for being part of that.

    Your flowers look amazing and the cakes look yummy too!

    Kelly x


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