Friday, June 19, 2009

Boot Sale Memories..

I was so pleased to find this Knitting Nancy at my local car boot sale last weekend, do you remember having one of these when you were a child?

It came with a little hook/needle, some yarn, but no instructions. After about an hour of trying to remember how to french knit, we gave up and had a look online. Hurray for bloggers! Thank you SpoolKnitter! We printed out the instructions and we were off.

I also bought this lovely flower press, I used to have one these too. We're going to gather some flowers from the garden this weekend to make something special for Grandmas birthday later in the year! If it works!


  1. What lovely finds. I still have flowers from my daughters May Queen bouquet (last year) hidden in two telephone directories, really should get a flower press x

  2. I do remember having a little French Knitting Doll when I was small they are great fun. I've never pressed any flowers before ~ hope it works out for you :O)

  3. You are most welcome! I am glad to help wherever I can. Perhaps you might also join the Spool Knitter group on Flickr and show us the results of your spoolknitting. There are links to patterns, ideas, in the right side bar of the blog and in the "Discussions" section on the group site. Happy Spooling!


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