Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer days...

Whiling away a beautiful summer afternoon...


Picking some flowers from the garden...

& painting our toes..


  1. Sally ~ I love that little granny square, it's so colourful and your garden flowers are beautiful. My daughter and I are doing the painted toes thing this weekend too :O)

  2. Hi Sally
    ooooooooooooo I'm LOVING your blog!!! Your summer garden crochet squares are really beautiful, the colours you are using are fantastic....
    Ahh me and LL did the toe painting last wkend too, only ours are a sort of bright peacock/turquoisey blue/green colour!

    Funny reading your comment on my blog this morning, how DID you know that I'm also using SS cloths for my bunting (and some Rice ones too), a-la Lavender House????!!! Got some red ribbon to sticth the triangle onto and am getting quite excited lol!!

    have a fabulous wkend...and keep blogging, I'm loving peeking into your world, your veg patches have me a little green with envy :o)


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