Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sowing seeds for 2010!

Today it was time to spend an hour or so gardening..

I sowed my biennials. Honesty, Sweet Rocket, Foxgloves, Sweet Williams, and some dispaticus teasel (which the birds seem to love & it looks great with frost on it).

Seeing them in all their lovely glory at this time of year always reminds me to make sure I sow them now, so that I have them next year.

A little tour around a bit of my garden..

I call this the spring bed, it looks lovely at a time of year when there's not too much going on yet in other areas of the garden.

I love the white foxgloves, (this does self seed, but I sowed more of these this morning, just in case- would hate to be without them) and the purple one is sweet rocket, I love both of these for their tolerance of shade, especially the rocket which really brightens everything up under the tree. I bought some different varieties of foxgloves at Gardeners World Live last week, so can't wait to see how they turn out.

This is where I grow flowers to cut and bring into the house. Sweet williams are one of my favourites and I sowed more of these again for next year. I love the colour combinations and am growing the same colours again, Magenta Dianthus Oschberg, Dark almost black Dianthus Nigricans, and the lovely white one Dianthus Alba.

June and July are the ideal time to sow your biennials now for next year, sow them now, plonk them into their final flowering positions around August/September and they will look after themselves happily all winter and provide you with beautiful flowers for your garden and kitchen table from May onwards, really easy!

I buy most of my seeds from Sarah Raven, I love her taste, and she selects beautiful colours and hard to find varieties, but Chilterns seeds also stock a fantastic selection too.


  1. Sally ~ your garden looks lovely, all those beautiful and colourful flowers. You must work hard to keep it looking as nice. Love those plastic toy cars ~ we've got a couple of them decorating our garden too :O)

  2. Wow preparing for 2010 - how organised are you!

    Victoria x

  3. Oh I love your sweet williams. You certainly have the magic touch in the garden. Also love your granny squares from your previous post! Lucy x

  4. I love your foxgloves and sweet williams. What a gorgeous garden.


  5. Hi there, I found you via attic24, love your garden, especially the white foxgloves. Don't know where mine have gone this year, plenty of pink ones around but few white ones, will just need to plant some...


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