Friday, August 28, 2009

Is it Autumn?!

I don't know how it has been where you are but after an initial sunny start to the day this morning - hence washing on the line and two little people and me venturing out to the shops in summer clothes and sunglasses - the weather here suddenly turned very blustery and VERY rainy! Leaves started to fall from the trees, the temperature dropped and I could have sworn it was autumn...!

Leaving the house with the warmth of the sun on our backs I had forgotten to take any anoraks, nor did I think to check the weather forecast... so needless to say we got very wet... When we returned it was lunchtime and we were all in need of something warming for lunch. The little people said they HAD to have beans on toast, whilst I looked around to see what I could rustle up. Mmmm. Tomatoes.

Sauted off a bit of onion and garlic, plonked in the tomatoes and some basil, bit of stock, whizzed through my new gadget from Lakeland, a little mouli (very pleased with that latest purchase from there!)
and voila, warming tomato soup and a nice sit down with the magazine bought on our cold and wet shopping expedition.

Just what I need. Would you like to see inside?

I do love polka dots... Oooooh look at the beautiful things from Greengate...

and those spotty red tins from Tescos, not seen those in my one yet..... and I love that cakestand too...

Ooooh the postman has brought the lastest Plumo catalogue. I have to show you a couple of things. Have you got a minute?
Look at these beautiful Russian music boxes...
And I'm so inspired to make a lovely scarf with handwarming pockets now! Isn't that a great idea?

And look at this sewing stool - thats a makeover waiting to happen if I can just find the right stool!

And I have just opened another envelope - look!

Some lovely die cuts have arrived from Rose at Victoria Rose Crafts. They are perfect, thank you Rose! There are snowmen, Noel, Jingle Bells, some christmas trees and stockings and some lovely little people all to piece together and cut and stick. We are going to have lots of fun making our Christmas Cards!

Well that's it for now.... We have a busy weekend ahead involving a bit of a get together and a BBQ so hopefully the sun will shine! :-)

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend everybody! And I hope the sun shines for you!


  1. Hi Sally,

    I am glad you are pleased with your die cuts!
    I hope you will post a picture of the results when you are finished making them!

    I am so jealous of those tomatoes - are they from your garden?
    Mine are still all green :-(

    Rose XXX

  2. Hi Sally!
    Today I've bought some die cuts from Rose too!
    Please, let me know if it easy to stick, as I'm a disaster!
    Really lovely stuff on your magazine!
    Have a fantastic weekend and fingers crossed for some sunshine!

  3. if they are easy to stick..yes, I'm really a disaster!

  4. I like polka dots too. Thanks for pointing out the tesco cake tins. I may have to break my Tesco rule for them as I have been looking for some cake tins.
    Enjoy the sunshine when it shines!
    Lisa x

  5. Oh thanks for the Tesco tin heads up... I feel a trip to the local superstore coming on to hunt them down!!!

    Victoria xx

  6. hi there - just found your blog so saying hello and now off to read your other posts :-)
    Lesley x


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