Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Evening of Relaxation and Complementary Therapies

I feel like I've been away a while and need to catch up a bit with all on all the things I've been doing. First of all we have had our annual Women's Institute Open Evening where we hosted an evening of Relaxation & Complementary Therapies (plus local food) for anyone who wanted to come along. We had lovely ladies doing reflexology treatments, hopi ear candles, indian head massages, a homeopath, organic vegetable box schemes, lots of local organic food and drink producers, beautiful natural beauty products and wonderful homemade cakes. I put together some bouquets of flowers for our Recycle Table and made some Apple Cake using the apples from our garden for a healthy nibble whilst people were looking round the stalls.

I really enjoy the process of growing flowers, picking them and making them up into something pretty. I find it very relaxing being out in the garden in the fresh air, listening to the bees, snipping away..

Bringing it all inside, laying it all out, all the lovely colours and fragrances, deciding which ones I'm going to put together,
And making them into lovely bouquets.
Here they are finished on our Recycle Table.

It really was a great evening, and one of our exhibitors, a lovely lady homepath
kindly gave me some Arnica Tablets which she recommended that I take training for my Great North Run and after the run itself to help my body recover. Her sons who both run marathons swear by it, so hopefully it will do good things to me! Not long to go now, the run is this Sunday! So I've been resting from running this until the big day.

Oh and I nearly forgot, my winning entry for that week's competition "A Posy of Relaxation"!

Tomorrow I'll share our local village show... enjoy your day :-)


  1. Hi Sally! I love your cheerful bouquets!
    Arnica is very good for muscle soreness!
    Have a lovely day! :)))

  2. You have such a bountiful and beautiful garden.
    Good luck with the run on Sunday.

  3. The bouquets look beautiful (very Sarah Raven inspired!), what a lovely event the WI put together. I see that you love cosmos too!
    Good luck for Sunday!


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