Thursday, August 20, 2009

Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day to check out what we could eat from the garden..

pick some french beans

some squashes and courgettes

pull up some carrots

and cook them for our tea with an easy roast chicken.... Delicious.

In the evening I went on a rooftop tour of Lincoln Cathedral...
Despite living close by I'd never been to the cathedral before. I did know that they filmed some of The DaVinci Code there though and have always been meaning to go for a tour, if you are ever in Lincoln and able to go on a tour I would definitely recommend it. We climbed lots of small spiral staircases up to the top, we went into the bell ringing tower, we walked along through the roof of the cathedral above the huge beams and plasterwork, saw some very early graffiti, and we peeked out from little balconies down at the huge cathedral below.

It was the perfect evening for it and the views from the top were stunning..

Although we went up on the roof our tour didn't go as high as to the top of the towers , but our guide told us that there are tours that go up there, so I will definitely be going back!


  1. Sally! Your kitchen garden is just fantastic! ..hey, but how big are your carrots??!!

  2. Hi Michaela
    They look a bit small don't they! They are Chantenay so I think they are meant to be slightly dumpy shaped compared to traditional shaped carrots, but they could probably do with being a bit bigger! Very tasty though!
    Sally x

  3. Hi Sally,

    Your vegetables are amazing! I have to admit to being a tad jealous... I am so longing for a garden of my own to grow more than we do now! We have tomatoes in a tub, but no room for anything else :-(

    I have never been to Lincoln Cathedral, but it looks fab! We went to Westminster Abbey the other weekend with Chris's parents (they are from Australia) and it was beautiful - a lot similar to your pictures!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today :-) In answer to your question, all my die cuts are cut only and not ready assembled, so would be great for kids to create cards or decorations with! I would be very happy if you had a look round my shop :-)

    Rose XXX

  4. Those views from the cathedral are stunning.

  5. Arrived at your blog via Frazzy Dazzles and am so glad I did! It all looks lovely and I really enjoyed the photos of Lincoln Cathedral. I am originally from Hull and love Lincoln. We used to have some great day trips there. I loved all the little shops going down the hill. Thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

  6. Just discovered you - I love your photos, and your garden looks much neater than ours! Our beans have been a bit tough this year, I think they are suffering from a lack of water. Here in the sunny south east it has been a bit dry.

    Pomona x


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