Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting in the Harvest

All of our local farmers have been so busy over the last few weeks gathering the harvest in the fields surrounding our house. Yesterday we had our school harvest festival at our church.

Today we took the opportunity of the gorgeous Autumnal sunshine to get our own little harvest in.

I think squashes and pumpkins are one of our favourite vegetables for eating and for decoration. We have arranged them on a rack (so that air can circulate but the rain is kept off), just by our front door so that we can look at them every day.


  1. Little harvest???!!!
    Hey Sally, that's a great harvest!
    Have a lovely weekend! :)

  2. A fantastic Harvest ~ they look very tasty indeed ~ Well Done! Hope you have a lovely weekend :O)

  3. What a great harvest. Those mini squashes are so dinky! I bet there will be a lot of nourishing, warm winter soups being enjoyed at your house.
    Lisa x

  4. Wow, thats a brilliant harvest. Can't beat pumpkins and squashes for autum decorations.

  5. A fantastic bounty...! Such lovely colours too!


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