Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crafting Again!

This Sunday I went on a fab workshop called "A Christmas Home -Decorate your house with everything vintage at Christmas, transform woollen blankets, luxury fabrics and rich prints into all things Noel. Hand crafted stockings, swags and tree decorations will give you the perfect festive look".

Doesn't it sound great! The lovely lady who runs the course is an avid collector and treasure hunter and her workshop is an aladdins cave of vintage and salvaged materials, beads, sparkly buttons, lace and buckles. Just being surrounded by all these lovely things makes you confident you can create something beautiful!

This is her lovely workshop.

These were examples of the things that we could make.

We had a lovely time and over copious cups of tea and pieces of homemade carrot cake I put together a Christmas garland of gingerbread men, christmas trees and hearts, and a Shaker Angel. I didn't quite get to finishing both of them there, I had to do the final finishing at home. I've just finished my Angel, would you like to see her?

I've not tackled anything like this before, some of her I even tackled on a sewing machine without too many disasters(!), and I'm very pleased with how she has turned out. You might notice though, that she's missing one thing, her face! I'm still practicing drawing faces, before drawing hers on for real, but none of them have looked right yet. Does any one have any tips?!

My christmas garland is still being finished, I'll show that soon!


  1. I would have loved that workshop as well, just looking at her setup makes me green with envy, sigh, all that space, all those lovely things!

    Even without a face, the angel is looking great. I bet the garland is going to be fantastic as well.

  2. Carrot cake and crafting, what a great combination!
    Your angel is adorable.
    Lisa x

  3. What fun!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I'll add you to my faves!


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