Thursday, November 19, 2009

Want a peek at my CL Fair purchases?

Here finally (!) are a few piccies of the lovely things that caught my eye at the CL Fair last week...

Some beautiful bowls by Jane Hogben, I just love the Robin! And these go so well with my new cream and red spotted china. I plan to build on these and collect a few more pieces!

Some lovely red and white bread baskets.

A Fairy post office set, with fairy paper & envelopes, fair stamps, a post office stamp!

Some marbles (my two are longing for some marbles and my husband is going to make a special wooden marble game/track for them for Christmas).

A Mi Casa Su Casa sign - don't ask :-)

A christmas tree for displaying christmas cards - Boy was I glad I bought that at the beginning of the fair to carry round through the hustle and bustle and then take home on the tube and train!! Its about a meter tall!

A scarf that I think goes so well with my coat, I love the colours in it. And as I still haven't got around to crocheting myself a scarf yet....

A lovely Christmas decoration to remind us to write our letters to Santa.

And a special envelope to put our letters in next to the Chimney to get to Santa. In our house the letters go magically go up the chimney (just like to Santa Clause the movie) to the North Pole.

And saving the best til last - What do you think is in the bag?

Isn't it pretty! I ummed and ahhed for ages, but I had to buy it. It was so pretty, so twirly. Very Strictly Come Dancing (!) and so soft. So many layers! I would love one too! But it is for my little dancer and I hope it will make her happy on Christmas Day.

Thats everything!

Off to get blown away on the school run now!


  1. Aaahh, frothy pink fluffiness, how adorable. Lots of lovely shopping, how on earth did you manage carrying that lot?

  2. I took my trolley on wheels! Bit tricky on the tube on the way back when it was laden with goodies though!
    Sal xx

  3. I love everything you've bought. I have bought JH flower pots as presents in the past, how cute is that robin?! The fairy post box is just the most gorgeou thing I've seen for ages and your scarf goes fantastically well with your coat, what a successful day!
    Lisa x

  4. You've made some great purchases, I love the fairy post office and that skirt.... oh i could dance around for hours in that.

    Victoria xx


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