Friday, July 17, 2009

Jungly growth everywhere!

Ahhhhh. Yesterday there was a break in the rain, so I went outside and pottered round the garden. Breathing in the lovely fresh air and soaking in the sunshine, and taking in the garden that seemed to have gone wild with all this rain we have had over the last couple of weeks. This is our veggie plot.
The pumpkin patch has gone mad!
It was lovely to see just how many butterflies and bees we had buzzing around, they really love this verbena bonariensis.
Pausing to stop at my sons creation in the flower bed! Hmmm, what could he have been thinking here!
And picking a bucketful of flowers for the house.
And turning them into this!
I love bringing the outdoors inside, doing creative things like this really give me a lift, and it did yesterday.

I am so pleased that things are back on track now and we are all really looking forward to the weekend. Some swimming, a long run (for me!), a little bit of shopping, a car boot sale (weather permitting), and setting up a shoe shop in my daughters bedroom - she has already appropriated all of my best shoes, with the idea that I buy them back!

Anyway whatever you are doing have a lovely weekend everybody, I hope the sun shines for you wherever you are!


  1. Lovely garden - like the butterfly photo. Beautiful flowers.

    Hope you have a nice weekend too!

  2. Lovely pictures of a very lovely garden ~ you must work hard to keep it looking as nice. I love you little flower pot man in the first picture, he is so cute and I must say that your son is a particularly creative gardener too! Hope you have a lovely weekend :O)


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